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Welcome to cWB

This documentation describes the software classes and functions that makes up the cWB software system as well as their application programming interface (API). This is not an introduction of cWB, for this please refer to the cWB Pipeline Documentation. This documentation is generated directly from the source code using Doxygen and in principle is kept up to date. The version of cWB corresponding to this documentation is indicated at the page heading. You may also find in documentation page pointers to reference for other cWB support materials.

How to use this reference documentation

The User’s Classes in the top bar provides the user API, mainly the list of main Users' classes organized by module or functionality. The full list of classes, both for the public API and for the implementation details are available under the All Classes tab. A classification of classes based on their C++ namespace can be found under the Namespace tab. The fully indexed list of all source code is available under the tab Files.

cWB provides other types of documentation: