coherent WaveBurst

coherent WaveBurst (cWB) is a data-analysis tool to search for a broad range of gravitational-wave (GW) transients. The pipeline identifies coincident events in the GW data from earth-based interferometric detectors and reconstructs the gravitational wave signal by using a constrained maximum likelihood approach. coherent WaveBurst was the first algorithm to identify the gravitational wave signal GW150914 detected by LIGO .

map to buried treasure

First shots of GW150914 event detected by coherent Waveburst - Livingston (left), Hanford (right)



The cWB library is publicly available (here) under the:


The current public version of cWB (cWB-6.4.0) is fully compatible with the version used for the LVC O3 analysis.


Some instructions and documents reported in this manual are addressed only to LIGO-Virgo Collaboration (LVC) / cWB developers or for Public Version users.

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Somewhat outdated materials have also been reported mainly for reference and are marked as TBU. Nethertheless, since documentation update is not complete yet, it is not guaranteed that all outdated pages are marked so.


The cWB has been developed for Linux operating systems. It is configured to work on Linux distributions such as:

  • Scientific Linux 7.x
  • Debian GNU/Linux jessie, stretch, buster

cWB can also be used with other Linux distributions or with OSX (with some minor modifications) but it is not officially supported.