The cWB Changelog up to the wat-6.2.6 version used for the O2 analysis is reported in changelog_o2

The repository used for the O3 version (in developement) is

Changes in cWB

Release cWB-6.3.0 - 2019-04-12


This public release of cWB ( cWB-6.3.0 ) is compatible with the version used for the analysis of O2-RUN data ( wat-6.2.6 ).

  • Highlights

    This is the first public version, cWB is now an open source software.

  • Release Notes

    • The cWB project has been moved from SVN to GitLab repository
    • Porting from ROOT5 to ROOT6
    • Minor improvements and fixes
  • Source distribution

    The entire Git source can be obtained from our public Git repository. The instructions are reported in manual.

    • the library tag is: cWB-6.3.0
    • the config tag is: cWB-6.3.0