This page lists the commands for performing analyses with cWB. The commands are implemented as shell scripts (tcsh/bash) and are based on ROOT macros.


cwb_mkdir creates the working directory and subdirectories
cwb_clonedir creates the working directory and subdirectories by copying an existing one
cwb_setpars sets the user parameters file (default: config/user_parameters.C)
cwb_setppars sets the user pparamters file (default: config/user_pparameters.C)
cwb_condor creates and submits the dag and sub condor files
cwb_lsf creates and submits job with LSF Job System (implemented in the CNAF cluster)
cwb_xtalk creates the xtalk catalog (used for the multiresolution analysis)
cwb_compile compiles ROOT macros, e.g. the cwb plugins


cwb_inet runs the interactive cWB pipeline (both 1G and 2G pipelines available)
cwb_inet2G runs the interactive 2G cWB pipeline in the multistage mode
cwb_eced generates the CED with the 1G cWB pipeline
cwb_eced2G generates the CED with the 2G cWB pipeline
cwb_dump dumps the output messages generated by the cWB pipeline


cwb_condor benchmark (is a cwb_condor option) draws plots on the computational load
cwb_merge merges the output root files
cwb_setchunk adds chunk id leaf to the merged root files
cwb_setifar adds ifar leaf to the merged simulation root files
cwb_setcuts applies selection cuts to the TTree leaves contained in the merged root file
cwb_setveto applies vetoes to merged root files
cwb_report creates analysis reports
cwb_report_cbc creates cbc analysis reports
cwb_mkfad calculates the false-alarm rate density statistic
cwb_mkprc produces FOM for sky localizations
cwb_xgboost post production using XGBoost


cwb_mplugin merges multiple plugins into one
cwb_mkhtml creates html pages from texi files
cwb_mkrep creates customised reports
cwb_draw_sensitivity draws sensitivity curves
cwb_draw_antpat draws the network antenna pattern
cwb_gwosc analysis of GWOSC O2 catalog events
cwb_watenv print cWB environment variables
cwb_json2dat convert posterior samples from json to dat format
cwb_petools tools for pe analysis
cwb_pereport report for pe analysis

Chunk-wise commands

cwb_mkchunk creates a working directory
cwb_clchunk clones a working directory
cwb_ppchunk post-production analysis
cwb_lschunk lists available chunks
cwb_mksdirs creates the search directories
cwb_obchunk open-box analysis