This command must be executed in the simulation working directory, it produces the FOM files and plots for sky localization.


  • cwb_mkprc label odir single [optional] header [optional]

  • label : same label as cwb_merge/cwb_setveto commands

  • odir : output prc directory (default=”prc”)

    the output directory is created under report/postprod/sim_report_dir where “sim_report_dir” is the standard simulation report directory created with the cwb_report command. Under the “odir” the command creates the prc.html which can be used by a web browser to display the PRC plots. This is the list of created plots files :

    • RECvsINJ Injected vs Reconstructed SNRnet distribution
    • INJvsAP Sky Source Distribution of injected MDC
    • RECvsAP Sky Source Distribution of reconstructed MDC
    • CPROBvsSAREA Cumulative Probablitily vs Searched Area
    • PDENSvsANGLE Probability Density vs largest angle between the source’s true location and any point within the searched area
    • COVvsPERC PP-Plot : Coverage vs Percentage
  • single : if false (def) the prc plots are produced for each MDC type otherwise the plots include all MDC types

  • header : if true (def=false) then the html index includes the cWB header logo


cwb_mkprc M1.C_cc2_gt_0d45 single header
cwb_mkprc M1.C_cc2_gt_0d45 multi