The current FAD implementation is a preliminary version and it has some limitations, see FAD howto


This command must be executed in the simulation working directory, it produces the FAD files and plots.
For this command it is necessary to have configured the user_pparameters.C file.
The following pp parameters are used by the cwb_mkfad command: pp_fad,T_win ,T_cor ,pp_irho ,T_vED ,T_pen


it is not necessary to configure the “-nzbins” in the pp_fad <running.html#others>`__ option


the pp_fad option can be defined in a separated un-named macro which name can be provided to the cwb_mkfad command alternatively to the nzbins parameter.


  • cwb_mkfad label nzbins/ [optional] odir [optional] obstime [optional]

  • label : same label as



  • nzbins/ : (default is -1)

    • if nzbins=0 the standard FAD statistic is used
    • if nzbin>0 the FAD statistic is computed until there are nzbins consecutive bins with zero events inside
    • if nzbin<0 the FAD statistic is computed with classical FAD and min-hold (un-biased FAD)
    • if the parameter is a file name the file must be a un-named ROOT macro which can be used to define the pp_fad.
  • odir : output fad directory (default=”fad”)

    the output directory is created under report/postprod/sim_report_dir where “sim_report_dir” is the standard simulation report directory created with the cwb_report command. Under the “odir” the command creates the fad.html which can be used by a web browser to display the FAD plots. This is the list of created ascii/plots files :

    • FARvsRHO False Alarm Rate vs RHO
    • REFFvsRHO Effective Radius vs RHO
    • REFFvsIRHO Effective Radius vs Inverse RHO
    • VISvsRHO Visible Volume vs RHO
    • PRODvsFAD Productivity vs False Alarm Density
    • EVTvsRHO Number of Expected False Alarm vs RHO
    • FADvsRHO False Alarm Density vs RHO
    • FAPvsRHO False Alarm Probability vs RHO
    • RECvsINJ Reconstructed Events vs Injected Events
  • obstime : zero lag observation time (sec), if 0 then it is read from live.txt


cwb_mkfad M1.C_cc2_gt_0d45 -1 unbiased_fad

cwb_mkfad M1.C_cc2_gt_0d45 fad

cwb_mkfad M1 0 standard_fad 840000