Create working directories & configuration files


The multi stage analysis


  • the 2 stages analysis


  • Read Configuration


  • Read config (cwb::Init()) : the cWB config parameter file (cwb2G_parameters.C) (config class: config)
  • Init TF transforms (cwb2G::Init()) : Init the WDM transforms & Load the xTalk Catalog (used by the MRA)
  • Read the cWB plugins (cwb::LoadPlugin(TMacro &plugin, TMacro &configPlugin)) : the user scripts to customize the pipeline (description)
  • Init Network (cwb::InitNetwork()) : the network of detectors
  • Init History (cwb::InitHistory()) : the bookkeeping
  • Init Job (cwb::InitJob()) : the selection of the period to be analyzed by a job (How job segments are created)

  • Read Data - cwb2G::ReadData(double mdcShift, int ifactor)

  • Read gw-strain from frames (cWB::frame) or it is generated “On The Fly” by the plugin
  • In simulation mode (cWB::config::simulation > 0) the injections are read from frames or are generated ’On The Fly’ by the plugin - the waveforms are rescaled according to the cWB::config::factors and are added to the gw-strain (The cWB MDC engine)

  • Data Conditioning - cwb2G::DataConditioning(int ifactor)


  • Compute the maximum energy of TF pixels WSeries::maxEnergy
  • Set pixel energy threshold network::THRESHOLD(double bpp) (WP has a new threshold function network::THRESHOLD(double bpp, double shape)
  • Select the significant pixels network::getNetworkPixels(int LAG, double Eo, double DD=1., TH1F *hist=NULL)
  • Single resolution clustering netcluster::cluster (clustering algorithms)
  • Selection of single resolution clusters (WP) netcluster::select(char*, double) (clustering algorithms)

  • Clustering & Cluster Selection - cwb2G::SuperCluster(int ifactor)

  • Supercluster : Multi resolution clustering netcluster::supercluster (clustering algorithms)
  • Rejection of the sub-threshold clusters network::subNetCut(int lag, float subnet=0.6, float subcut=0.33, TH2F *hist=NULL) (description)
  • Defragment clusters netcluster::defragment(double T, double F, TH2F *=NULL) (For WP this step is performed before ’Rejection of the sub-threshold clusters’)
  • Build reduced TF maps : The Sparse TF Map (description)

  • Reconstruction & Parameters Estimation - cwb2G::Likelihood(int ifactor, char *ced_dir, netevent *output=NULL, TTree *net_tree=NULL, char *outDump=NULL)

  • The cWB 2G coherent statistics (description)
  • The cWB 2G production thresholds (description)
  • The event reconstruction with WDM principle components network::likelihood2G(char mode, int lag, int ID, TH2F *hist=NULL)
    • WDM principle components (description)
    • cWB 2G regulators for WDM principle components (description)
    • The cWB 2G regulators (description)
  • The event reconstruction with WDM packets (WP) network::likelihoodWP(char mode, int lag, int ID, TH2F *hist=NULL)
    • Wavelet packets (description)
    • The cWB 2G regulators for WDM packets (description)
  • Save event parameters netevent::output2G(TTree *, network *, size_t, int, double)


Collection of results and creation of figure of merits

  • Produces the figure of merits and text files from the list of triggers generated during the production step (description)
    • Select the post-production thresholds
    • Merge the output event parameter files
    • Apply post-production vetoes
    • Creates WEB pages : (description)