Toolbox library

This page gives a description of the

class. This class consists of several structures and functions written in C++ which can be used at the different stages of the CWB analysis.

The available structures are collected in the following list:

The available functions are collected in the following list:

segments method Method for construction of segments
data quality method Data Quality management
job methods Job management
slag methods Superlag management
condor methods Condor submission management
merge methods Merging management
history methods Parameter history management
spectra methods Detector PSD management
system methods Substitute shell command
post-processing methods Post-processing management
utility methods Various utilities
Hilbert & Wigner-Ville Transforms methods Utilities for Hilbert and Wigner-Ville Transforms

Method for construction of segments

cWB contains a struct: - waveSegment which describes a single segment period of the type [start, stop]. cWB manages segment list as c++ vector of waveSegment (segment list).

Data Quality management

Data Quality are inserted in the cWB algorithm using the struct
Data Quality are labeled with the struct CWB_CAT

Job management

For the construction of segments, the pipeline follows the parameters specified in Job settings.

Superlag management

Superlag environment allows to perform time shift bigger than the job segment duration. See What are super lags and how to use them for detailed information.
The way to define segment list is more complex using superlag, all the following function define the final segment list including superlag.
The functions need the struct slag

Condor submission management

cWB can use condor as batch system. The following functions manage this submission with the creation of the two files:

  1. .sub : contains executable file and output condor files
  2. .dag : submit one job for each segment in the final segment list

Merging management

History management

Output root files produced by cWB contains (if desired) the complete set of parameters from user_parameters.C and user_pparameters.C files used to produce that files.

Detector PSD management

These functions manage the PSD calculation from a discretizated time evolution of a certain period.
PSD can be calculated averaging PSD calculated in sub-periods of the total time.

Substitute shell commands

Post processing management

Various utilities

Utilities for Hilbert and Wigner-Ville Transforms

The Hilbert & Wigner-Ville transforms are used where?