This command add a chunk id leaf to the merged root files. It is used to assign a unique tag id to a the root entries. Different merged root files can be merged and the different chunks can be selected using the chunk parameter.


  • cwb_setchunk mlabel/list id
  • mlabel/lists same label used by cwb_merge, if the user writes lists it list the available labels
  • id is the chunk id (must be integer > 0) new root files are generated, a label will be added to the new merged files names (M1 -> M1.K_chunk’id’)


* cwb_setchunk M1 1

  if the input file is with name: merge/wave_S6A_BKG_L1H1_run1.M1.root
  the output file assumes the name: merge/wave_S6A_BKG_L1H1_run1.M1.K_chunk1.root
  and the same for live file.