cwb_report_cbc (previously named cbc_plots_ifar)


This command produces web pages for cbc simulations. It needs a properly configured user_pparameters.C file.


  • cwb_report_cbc label user_parameters_file(optional) user_pparameters_file(optional)
  • label same label for the data, just like cwb_merge and cwb_setveto commands
  • no arguments print help (exit with ‘q’)
  • user_parameters_file alternative user_parameters file (optional)
  • user_pparameters_file alternative user_pparameters file (optional)

How to configure the user_pparameters file
In order to work properly, this command needs some definitions which are mostly automatically set to default values. In special cases, though, these definitions have to be set by the user in the form of options.


Depending on the kind of report you want to build, even the default definitions should/could be replaced by custom values by adding some defines in the user_parameters file.

  • Options:

    #define REDSHIFT      => the simulation accounts for redshift
    #define POINTMASSES   => the distribution is point-like in masses (NR waveforms)
    #define WRITE_ASCII   => enables an ascii output
    if the WRITE_ASCII flag is enabled, then a second flag with the zero-lag
    live time is needed to calculate p-values (reported in the ascii files).
    #define LIVE_ZERO  XXXXX => live time in seconds
  • Custom definitions:

  • Plotting options:

    #define MIN_plot_mass1 0.0
    #define MAX_plot_mass1 150
    #define MIN_plot_mass2 0.0
    #define MAX_plot_mass2 100
  • Binning options:

    #define MAX_EFFECTIVE_RADIUS  2000.
    #define MASS_BIN 15.0
    #define MIN_MASS 0.0
    #define MAX_MASS 150
    #define MINCHI -1
    #define MAXCHI 1
    #define CHI_BIN 0.666666
  • Forcing options (otherwise set by elsewhere, e.g. by the xml):

    #define FIXMINDISTANCE 0
    #define FIXMAXDISTANCE 5000000
    #define FIXMINRATIO 0.1
    #define FIXMAXRATIO 8.0
    #define FIXMINTOT 10
    #define FIXMAXTOT 150


* cwb_report_cbc M1.V_hvetoLH.C_U.S_bin1_cut
  it creates a cbc simulation report page from the M1 ntuple with hvetoes
  applied, unique events and for the ifar calculated on a "bin1_cut".