This command read psd ascii file and produces plot with the psd of the detector sensitivity


  • cwb_draw_sensitivity file_name [save(0,1)] [range_fix(1,0)]
The cwb_draw_sensitivity accept the following parameters:

file_name : ascii file : each line has format -> freq(Hz) psd

save      : 0/1 -> saved/not-saved to file (default = 0)
            the output plot is produced under the report/dump directory

range_fix : 1/0 : fixed/auto y-axis range  (default = 1)


* cwb_draw_sensitivity psd.txt

* the file psd.txt of real data can be produced with the cwb_inet2G commands
  and How to do an interactive multistages 2G analysis

  The following example produce the psd ascii file of L1 under the report/dump directory :

  cwb_inet2G config/user_parameters.C STRAIN 312 '--tool psd --ifo L1 --type strain --save true'