This page provides a description of the cwb_pereport command.


This command creates the working directory by copying files and folders from another working environment.


  • cwb_pereport (without arguments)
    Prints help
  • cwb_pereport src_dir dest_dir [options]
    Creates the dest_dir folder and copies in it the working environment of the src_dir directory.

Furher information

The following options can be passed to cwb_pereport:

options =   '--output links'  : it creates symbolic links to the files in the src_dir output directory
                                underneath the dest_dir output directory. The link data_label points to
                                the data_label folder in dest_dir. In case dest_dir is already
                                existing, the option just updates the links.

            '--output merge'  : it searches in src_dir for the merged file with the largest progressive
                                version number and merges the wave and live trees in the dest_dir
                                output folder.
                                In case dest_dir is already existing, the option just creates
                                the merged files.
                                Comment :  this option cannot be used for merged files
                                to which cuts and vetoes have been applied.

            '--config check'  : it checks whether the configuration files in src_dir are compatible with
                                the config files in dest_dir

            '--jstage stage'  : it creates symbolic links only to the output files of
                                the desired analysis stage.
                                The links are created in the output directory.

            '--simulation false/true'  : use false(default)/true for background/simulation runs

            '--label LABEL'   : is the label of the merged root files  (Ex: M2.C_rho_gt_8)

            '--chunk id'      : id is a chunk number (must be integer > 0).
                                It must be used to select a specific chunk root version generated
                                with cwb_setchunk command
                                NOTE : --chunk option can not be used when --label option is used !!!


  • The following command line creates the folder S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 and copies the environment in /home/PRODUCTION/S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 :
    cwb_pereport /home/PRODUCTION/S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1
  • The following command line creates symbolic links to the files in the output directory in /home/PRODUCTION/S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 :
    cwb_pereport /home/PRODUCTION/S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 '--output links'
  • The following command line creates a new directory and calls it as the cloned directory:
    cwb_pereport /home/PRODUCTION/S6A_BKG_L1H1V1_run1 .