This page provides a description of the cwb_petools command.


This command implements a set of tools used to extract infos about the preferred runs
from pe git directory (LVK: .


  • cwb_petools (without arguments)
    Prints help
  • cwb_petools config_file command opath pe_git_dir
    dump pe infos about the preferred runs contained into pe_git_dir into opath.

Furher information

The following options can be passed to cwb_petools:

config_file = 'event list file'

                           GW-NAME         GW-TIME         SEARCH  CALIB   PE-RUN  TAG
              file format: S190408an       1238782700.29   BBH     C00     NONE    dev1

command =    'dump_update_git_pe'       : Generates a script used to update the local git repository
                                          (remote:" << endl;
             'dump_peparms'             : Dump to file the PE parameters of the preferred posterior samples
             'dump_pe_xml_files'        : Generates XML files for map, maxl & offsource samples
             'dump_pe_mkdirs'           : Dump to file the instructions used to create the working directories
             'dump_cwb_pereport_config' : Write the config used as imput for Makefile.cwb_pereport

opath =      'file/dir'                 : if the dump output file or
                                          (for dump_pe_xml_files command) the output directory

pe_git_dir = 'pe  git directory'        : is optional, the default value is = "/home/waveburst/git/pe"


  • cwb_petools config.lst dump_update_git_pe          update_git_pe.txt
  • cwb_petools config.lst dump_peparms                peparms.txt
  • cwb_petools config.lst dump_pe_xml_files           output_pe_dir
  • cwb_petools config.lst dump_pe_mkdirs              README.pe_mkdir
  • cwb_petools config.lst dump_cwb_pereport_config    Makefile.cwb_pereport_config