This page provides a description of the cwb_mkdir command.


This command creates the working environment to run the analysis.


  • cwb_mkdir (no arguments)
    Prints help
  • cwb_mkdir .
    Creates the working environment in the current directory
  • cwb_mkdir [WORK_DIR]
    It creates the directory WORK_DIR and the working environment in it

Further information

The working environment consists of the following sub-directories:

  • condor contains the condor files (dag,sub)
  • config contains the cwb configuration files
  • data contains the output files of eahc job
  • input contains the input data files
  • log contains the condor log files
  • macro contains the macros developed by the user
  • merge contains the files obtained by merging the output files of each job
  • output contains the output job files
  • report contains the following directories, available on the internet:
  • postprod contains the main post-production files
  • ced contains the eventual CEDs
  • dump contains ascii or binary files with reports on the analysis
  • tmp contains temporary job files
  • www_dir available on the internet, it contains the following directories:
  • postprod link to report/postprod
  • ced link to report/ced
  • dump link to report/dump


  • The following command line creates the working directory JD2_BKG_G1V1_run2r:
    cwb_mkdir JD2_BKG_G1V1_run2r
  • With the above command, the following subdirectories are created in JD2_BKG_G1V1_run2r:
    config, input, condor, tmp, log, output, merge, report, macro, data