This page provides a description of the cwb_ppchunk command.


This command is used to perform the chunk post-production analysis


  • cwb_ppchunk (no arguments)
    Prints help
  • cwb_ppchunk --run="..." --chunk="..." --cal="..." --net="..." --search="..." --type="..." --tag="..." --mlabel="..." --opt="..."
    Runs the post-production analysis.

Further information

The following options can be passed to cwb_ppchunk

--run     : O1, O2

--chunk   : integer number

--cal     : Calibration tag
            Ex: C00, C00c, C01, C02, C02c

--net     : Network configuration
            Ex: LH LHV

--search  : Search
            Ex: BurstLF, BurstHF, BurstLD, IMBHB, BBH

--type    : Search type
            Ex: BKG, SIM

--tag     : user string tag
            Ex: run1, tst1, dev1

--mlabel  : merge label, default="M1"

--opt     : optional
            no options -> report (default)
            merge : execute merge
            veto  : execute veto
            cut   : execute cut
            report: execute report
            all   : execute merge + veto + cut + report


  • The following commands are equivalents:

    cwb_mkchunk --run="O2" --chunk="03" --cal="C02c" --net="LH" --search="BurstLF" --type="BKG" --tag="dev1" --mlabel="M1"

    cwb_mkchunk --run=O2 --chunk=03 --cal=C02c --net=LH --search=BurstLF --type=BKG --tag=dev1 --mlabel=M1

    cwb_mkchunk --run O2 --chunk 03 --cal C02c --net LH --search BurstLF --type BKG --tag dev1 --mlabel M1

    perform the post-production analysis of directory O2_K03_C02c_LH_BurstLF_BKG_dev1 with merged label = M1