Coherent WaveBurst is an open source software package devised to search for a broad range of gravitational-wave (GW) transients without prior knowledge of the signal waveform. As a search pipeline, it identifies coherent events in data from multiple GW detectors and reconstructs a GW signal associated with these events by using the maximum likelihood analysis.

Coherent WaveBurst was used in the first direct detection of gravitational waves (GW150914) by LIGO and is used in the ongoing analyses on LIGO and Virgo data.

Time-Frequency maps of GW150914: Livingston data (left), Hanford data (right)
First screenshot of GW150914 event

cWB was also used in the analysis of GWTC-1 Catalog events.
The graphical output of events’ reconstruction with cWB is reported in the
Coherent Event Display Gallery - Network LH LHV