FRAMELIB installationΒΆ

whatis : The Frame Library is a software dedicated to the frame manipulation including file input/output

source :

The suggested version is libframe-8.33. The instructions to install FRAMELIB are reported here:
tar zxvf libframe-8.33.tar.gz
mv libframe-8.33 libframe-8.33_root-6.14.06

# edit libframe-8.33_root-6.14.06/root/build
# set ROOTSYS = "/home/waveburst/SOFT/ROOT/root_v6.14.06/"

cd mgr

cd ../root

cd ..
ln -s Linux-x86_64 Linux

For LVK users who want to install FRAMELIB produced with intel compiler follow the instructions underneath (the example refer to the home directory /home/waveburst):

# initialize intel compiler

source $ICC_INIT_SCRIPT intel64

# edit libframe-8.33_root-6.14.06/root/build and made the following modifications:

  - since ROOT6 is compiled with c++11 the build command must be fixed.
  - substitute line
  - set CXXGENFL = "-O -fPIC  -fno-exceptions "
  - with line
  - set CXXGENFL = " -c -O2 -fPIC  -Wno-deprecated -Wno-unknown-pragmas -fexceptions -std=c++11  "
  - and substitute line
  - rootcint -f G_frameL.C -c -I../src/ -D__cplusplus ../src/FrameL.h  ../root/FrRootLinkDef.h
  - with line
  - rootcint -f G_frameL.C -c -I../src/ ../src/FrameL.h  ../root/FrRootLinkDef.h


set HOME_FRLIB environment variable in watenv script.