ROOT installationΒΆ

An object oriented framework for large scale data analysis

git repository :

home site :

The suggested version is the current latest stable, i.e. 6.24.06. The instructions to install ROOT are reported here:

For CIT cluster and VirtualBox the following precompiled version can be used:
tar xf root_v6.24.06.Linux-centos7-x86_64-gcc4.8.tar.gz
mv root root_v6.24.06
#  clone root from git repository
git clone
# checkout a specific version
git checkout -b v6-24-06 v6-24-06
# create a building directory
mkdir -p root/build_root; cd  root/build_root
# configure root
# build
cmake --build . --verbose --parallel ${CPU_COUNT}
# install
cmake --build . --verbose --parallel ${CPU_COUNT} --target install


set ROOT_VERSION environment variable in watenv script.