HEALPix installationΒΆ

whatis : HEALPix is an acronym for Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere

source : https://sourceforge.net/projects/healpix/

versions : https://sourceforge.net/projects/healpix/files/

infos : see What is HEALPix

Download HEALPix_3.40

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/healpix/files/Healpix_3.40/Healpix_3.40_2018Jun22.tar.gz
gunzip Healpix_3.40_2018Jun22.tar.gz
tar xvf Healpix_3.40_2018Jun22.tar

Installation :

cd Healpix_3.40

  -> Do you want to:
select option 4 : [(4): configure Healpix C++ package, and edit Makefile]
  -> enter location of cfitsio library (/usr/local/lib):
type path - [Ex : cfitsio_path/cfitsio-3.45]
  -> enter location of cfitsio header fitsio.h (cfitsio_path/cfitsio-3.34):
type return
  -> Available configurations for C++ compilation are:
type 2 : [ 2: generic_gcc]
  -> Enter your choice (configuration of packages can be done in any order):
type 0

Edit : Healpix_3.40/src/cxx/config/config.generic_gcc
Replace :
With :
ARCREATE= gcc -shared -fno-common -dynamiclib -O2 -g -o

make cpp-all

libraries are created under src/cxx/generic_gcc/lib
cd src/cxx
ln -s generic_gcc shared
cd shared/lib

ln -s libc_utils.a       libc_utils.so
ln -s libcxxsupport.a    libcxxsupport.so
ln -s libfftpack.a       libfftpack.so
ln -s libhealpix_cxx.a   libhealpix_cxx.so
ln -s libsharp.a         libsharp.so


set _USE_HEALPIX and HOME_HEALPIX environment variables in watenv script.