LAL installationΒΆ

whatis : LALSuite is a package including various gravitational wave data analysis routines

git repository :


LAL is used by cwb to generate on the fly the inspiral mdc

Installation :

1) get lalsuite from git repository

   git clone -b lalsuite-v6.79 --single-branch --depth 1
   cd  lalsuite
   git checkout -b lalsuite-v6.79

2) compile lalsuite with (see the script reported below)


   # a new directory lalsuite_shash is created
   # where shash is the git short hash code of lalsuite

3) move lalsuite_shash to $HOME_LIBS

   mv lalsuite_shash $HOME_LIBS/LAL

where is the following script: Show/Hide Code

#!/bin/bash -e

BRANCH_NAME=`git -C lalsuite branch | grep \* | cut -d ' ' -f2`	# get the short hash

export LAL_SRC="lalsuite"					# Place where are the source lal 
export LAL_DST="${PWD}/lalsuite_${BRANCH_NAME}" 		# Place where the built lal goes

echo "-------------------------------------------------"
echo "Source LAL:      $LAL_SRC"
echo "Destination LAL: $LAL_DST"
echo "-------------------------------------------------"

cd ${LAL_SRC}

# reset repo to clean state
git clean -f -d -x

# wipe old build
mkdir -p ${LAL_DST}
rm -rf ${LAL_DST}/*

# do build & install


CONF_OPTS="--prefix=${LAL_DST} \
    --enable-swig-python \
    --enable-lalstochastic \
    --enable-lalpulsar \
    --enable-lalinference \
    --disable-gcc-flags "

./configure ${CONF_OPTS} > >(tee /tmp/stdout.log) 2> >(tee /tmp/stderr.log >&2)

make && make install

# this is necessary to get pylal libs linked properly
source ${LAL_DST}/etc/
source ${LAL_DST}/etc/



set _USE_LAL and HOME_LAL environment variables in watenv script.