SKYMAP installationΒΆ


The current version of this package is not updated and do not works with cWB. Work is in progress to fix this issue.

whatis : simple module and exectutables to quantify skymaps and compare them. Also contains plotting and visualization routines, as well as a script that builds friendly html documents summarizing this information (intended to be used with GraceDb).

source :

Installation :

1. clone package from git repository :

   git clone

2. Define environment variables

   - HOME_SKYMAP_LIB : path of skymap-statistics library
   - CWB_USER_URL    : defines the url site where the user reports are pubblished

   Examples :

   - setenv HOME_SKYMAP_LIB     "${HOME_LIBS}/SKYMAP/skymap_statistics"
   - setenv CWB_USER_URL        ""

3. For html web pages productions it is necessary to add
       skymap_statistics/opt/lib/python2.7/site-packages directory.
   Such directory must be setup according to the python site-package definition
   See the example in the ATLAS cluster : /home/waveburst/SOFT/SKYMAP/skymap_statistics/opt


set HOME_SKYMAP_LIB environment variable in watenv script.